Congregation Beth Shalom

CBS Community Night

Welcome to Community Night!
(Last Updated December 3rd, 2018)

The Highlights;
– The social hall will be open from 6-10 PM on Wednesday, December 5th.
– Menorah lighting starts at 7 PM
– BYON & BYOB (Bring your own *meat free* Nosh and beverages of your choice)
– You, your family, and your friends are all welcome to come hang out at CBS.
– Activities targeted for all age groups.

Community nights will be held monthly and we welcome our members, their friends and family, and the local community. Come any time, open house style. Play poker for an enviable travelling trophy, enjoy mahjong, board games, and a plethora of other activities. Bring a dinner (meat free) to enjoy in the social hall or just head over after dinner. Bring your beverages of choice.

Community night will evolve each month to include the activities you are looking for. All ideas are welcome!

This webpage will contain information out the upcoming and previous community nights. We’ll leverage our social networks, but feel free to check back in here for your safe source of community night plans.

December 5th Plans  – Join us for Menorah Lighting

Menorah Lighting @ 7:00 : Bring your own Menorah and join us in lighting a few candles to celebrate Hanukkah!
Mahjong & Poker : Mahjong and Poker will be a little less official this month. With Hanukkah plans and availability, these events will be available but will be more organically planned the night of the event.
Bring your own Board Game @ 6:00+ : Do you and your friends get together for a board game night? Consider meeting at CBS for your next game night. Several members will bring extra board games for people to try something new if they’d like.
Movies for kids: While we don’t have formal babysitting for this event, we do plan on having some movies available for kids to watch. Supervise your kiddos from a poker table or create a rotation of supervisors with your friends.

October / November Summary

Mahjong: We’ve had 1-2 tables a month playing Mahjong. Regulars and new to the game players joined.
Poker tournament: We’ve had 8-10 people join us for a full table. The free-to-play Poker tournament has been an enjoyable way to casually test your poker skills.
Bring your own Board Game: Board games have been a big hit with all ages playing various games on several tables.
Movies for kids: Kids enjoyed the movies and fresh popcorn. Adults were able to hang out, play games, and keep an eye on the kids!


Are you interested in hosting a specific activity? Is there something else you’d love to see for community nights? Do you have any questions we didn’t answer?
If so, please feel free to contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The next community nights are currently planned for the first Wednesday of the month; December 5th; January will be the second Wednesday (9th).

This page will be updated as more information becomes available!