Caring Community (Chesed/Support)

The Chesed Committee was created to reach out and provide support to the Congregation Beth Shalom community during times of need. Members of the committee have been providing meals, running errands, taking people to doctors, and so forth, for a number of years now.

The Committee also cooks and stocks home-made meals in the Congregation's freezer. Anyone who is unable to cook for themselves due to illness, just having had a new baby, or sitting shiva, may request a meal.

Those who have suffered a loss can always count on Chesed to make sure there is a minyan for the Shiva.

If you have a need, or are aware of someone who could use some help, please either call the office at 630-961-1818 or e-mail:


Congregation Beth Shalom is always delighted to welcome a new member. If you've just had a baby or know someone who has, don't forget to notify the office at 630-961-1818 or e-mail: Chesed(at) The new arrival will be honored with a rose at the next Friday night Shabbat service.

If you need some help getting meals on the table for the rest of your family, Chesed will lend a hand. Just (read more)


In case you or a loved one is ill, you may need several forms of help. Perhaps you want visitors, either in the hospital or at home. You might need meals once you return home. Maybe you need a ride to the doctor. Along with practical help, we can all use a prayer. The congregation always says a Mi Sheberach at the Friday night and Saturday services for anyone who is ill. We also call everyone on our Mi Shebarach list regularly to see how they're doing. Whatever your need, please let (read more)


If you have suffered a death in the family or know someone who has, be sure to notify the office at 630-961-1818 or e-mail: We will help arrange a minyan for the Shiva, along with some food, if you would like. (read more)

Pre-cooked meals

The Chesed Committee periodically cooks a variety of meatless meals and stores them in the synagogue's freezer. These are available to anyone who needs them. We also request people to cook meals for members who are sick, just had a baby, or are otherwise unable to cook for themselves. If you need help, or know someone who does, let us know at 630-961-1818 or e-mail: (read more)

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