Congregation Beth Shalom

Engaging Israel Program

What does Israel mean to me? What are my aspirations for Israel as a Jewish, democratic state?

The Engaging Israel program is an in-depth adult learning program created by the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. While not avoiding the political issues of the day, the program focuses on Jewish values and ideas and how they can inform our relationship to Israel.

We discuss texts, religious and secular, from Torah to essays by contemporary Israelis. We watch online videos by Israeli and American scholars. We share personal stories. We talk openly and respectfully with each other, even while we disagree politically. We are engaged in a different kind of conversation about Israel.

If you are interested, as a potential facilitator or as a participant, please contact Marc Swetlitz, Raye Isenberg or Al Barshefsky.

For more information about the topics covered:
Engaging Israel: Foundations of a New Relationship – Flyer and Intro Video
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