Congregation Beth Shalom

A Typical Day

Our daily routines at the Early Learning Center are set up and designed to encourage a comforting and familiar routine to our children’s day.  The school observes Jewish holidays and provides awareness of Jewish customs and traditions including visits to the Congregation Beth Shalom Sanctuary.

Each classroom has its own class schedule which is posted in each classroom.  Days typically include:

  • Free Play: includes art projects, sand and water tables, block play, housekeeping play, etc., enhancing verbal skills, social skills, and problem solving skills.
  • Clean-up time: All children participate, encouraging cooperation, sorting skills, and pride in their environment.
  • Circle Time: includes songs and stories relating to the theme of the week.  Science, cooking or movement exercises are often incorporated at this time.  On Fridays we observe Shabbat.
  • Snack Time (and lunch time in the Bet class): The children are encouraged to set up and clean up their snacks.
  • Large Motor Play.  Outdoors if weather permits, or in our indoor play area.

Teachers emphasize a smooth transition from one segment to the next.