We seek to find openings for dialog, personal encounter, and joint projects with all members of our extended community. From interfaith dinners, to joint art projects, to discussion panels, we are happy to share our traditions, and open ourselves to be enriched by others. Details are below. For more information please contact us using our website form.

Friday Night Shabbat Sharing

We are always interested in sharing and teaching others about our faith and practice, and frequently host church and school groups at our Friday night Shabbat services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Interfaith Community Dialog

Monthly Sunday Sessions, 2pm – 4pm

A rotating meeting venue across participating congregations

In 1996, journalist Bill Moyers gathered Biblical scholars, writers, artists, psychotherapists, teachers, scientists, composers, lawyers, college presidents, journalists, members of the clergy, and translators from all walks of faith, to talk about the pivotal stories in Genesis – the opening book of the Old Testament. In a series of ten television episodes, the panels dove into these 3000 year old stories and explored how they penetrate our cultural narratives and are still impacting us individually even today.

We are going to recreate this experience in Naperville – and expand it to a review of other sacred texts and beyond. We invite you to join this living conversation – share your perspective, learn from your neighbors, explore your own tradition. Help us to break down the mysteries between us by using this face to-face dialogue to build relationship, community, connection, and familiarity for a more peaceful world.

Venues and topics will be announced online

Interfaith Dinner

Congregation Beth Shalom participates in Naperville’s annual Interfaith Dinner.  This wonderful experience brings together people from across our community to share, learn, and socialize with one another.  The hosts for the dinner rotate each year.  Watch the calendar and news slider for dates and details.