Congregation Beth Shalom Adult B’nai Mitzvah Program is open to members of all ages. Typically the class consists of family members, individuals, teenagers, and men and women aged 15-80.

The Program begins after the High Holy Days with Hebrew and Torah study. There are two Hebrew levels, beginning and advanced taught by two teachers. This nine month course of study includes Torah study and text analysis in Hebrew and English, holidays, Jewish ritual practice, Jewish history, and Torah trope to chant Torah.

Essential Jewish topics taught throughout the year include G-d, Prayer, Good and Evil, the Shoah/Holocaust, Zionism and Israel, and Shabbat.

The following books are used in our class: Etz HayimKol Haneshama Shabbat V’khagim, Joseph Telushkin’s Jewish Literacy, and Anita Diamant’s Living a Jewish Life. There is daily homework and periodic writing assignments.

The group Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class leads an afternoon Minkha service in June, chanting Torah and sharing insights into Torah, Prayer, and Jewish observance.

The class is taught by Cantor Hasha Musha Perman every other year.