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  • Welcome to Congregation Beth Shalom

    Congregation Beth Shalom of Naperville is a strong, vibrant, independent Jewish community and home to over 250 Jewish families in and around DuPage and Kane counties. As an independent congregation, we provide a spiritual home for the broad mix of Jewish individuals and families living in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Our members represent varied traditions and beliefs, and we strive to practice Judaism in a way that is joyful and meaningful to all.


    Most Recent Sermons

    • Parasha Devarim

      Posted by Marc Rudolph on August 20, 2016

      On behalf of Congregation Beth Shalom, I would like to welcome Rosanne Kearny and Don McCallum and Kelly Callahan into our community and into the Jewish people.  You might not be fully aware of this, but this morning you joined a very complicated people . Even our earliest Rabbis were perplexed by the character of […]

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    • Parasha — Matot Massei — Speaking Up

      Posted by Marc Rudolph on August 6, 2016

      Shabbat Shalom. It is wonderful to return home to Congregation Beth Shalom after my vacation. Middy and I had a great time, both resting at home and traveling to the Northwest. Over a period of ten days in July we visited Seattle, Washington, Mt. Ranier, Portland, Oregon and the Oregon coast. I know I speak […]

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    • Where Flowers Never Grow — Parasha BeHaalotecha

      Posted by Marc Rudolph on June 26, 2016

      Our Parasha this week opens with G-d commanding Aaron to light the seven branched Menorah. The Menorah stands in the Ohel Moed, Tent of Meeting, in front of the Ark that holds the Ten Commandments.  Aaron is to light the Menorah daily, so that it burns from evening till morning.  Just as we light the […]

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