Our Pre-Bnai Mitzvah (Pre-K – 6) classes focus on teaching the fundamentals of Judaism, Jewish history, Hebrew literacy, and prayer literacy.

  • The first years of our Religious School Curriculum (Pre-Kindergaten – 2nd) focus on learning about holidays, Shabbat, mitzvot, Israel, and Hebrew. Each grade builds on the knowledge from the year before, focuses on these elements in more detail, and adds new material with age-appropriate activities and discussions.  Our students in 2nd grade also study Hebrew letter identification in preparation for 3rd grade reading and decoding. These classes also include a special Music class every week.

Formal Hebrew instruction continues from 3rd to 6th grade. Our students begin B’nai Mitzvah preparation after 6th grade.

  • 3rd graders learn Hebrew reading and decoding skills. They also begin a 2-year introduction to the Tanakh by reading weekly Torah portions. Our 3rd graders look forward to finding Jewish themes in a book study and creating the annual Jews Who Rock displays.
  • In 4th grade, our student continue with the Nevi’im and Ketuvim portions of the Tanakh. They also study an introduction to theology, and use their Hebrew skills to begin learning prayer Hebrew.
  • Our 5th graders continue learning Hebrew through prayers, and revisit holidays through a more mature lens. They also enjoy an introduction to the history, geography, and culture of Israel.
  • In 6th grade, students learn both Hebrew through prayers and Trope for Torah and Haftarah. Our students also learn about Jewish history from antiquity to 1880.

Our 3rd-7th graders use their Hebrew prayer knowledge during a youth-led Shacharit, Junior Congregation, that takes place one Saturday every month. We also celebrate our 3rd-7th graders as they lead Friday night Shabbat service with their entire class during special grade-level Shabbat services throughout the year.