Congregation Beth Shalom of Naperville (CBS) is a Jewish community of warmth, purpose, vitality and joy. We are a diverse congregation where Jews and their interfaith families throughout the Western suburbs can find friendship, belonging, and goodwill; a congregation that engenders and encourages the mutual respect of its members.  CBS is a place where we can deepen our knowledge of Judaism and practice mitzvot. We are an institution dedicated to creating a religious and spiritual home open to all levels Jewish practice, and to strengthening the very core of Jewish life.

CBS celebrates our diversity and recognizes the fact that Jews are and always have been a multi-racial, multi-ethnic people. We welcome all who choose to join our community.  CBS commits to the ongoing, sustained work of becoming an anti-racist synagogue and supporting People of Color in our community.  We are a congregation which celebrates and supports the lives, the relationships, and the individual and group contributions of its LGBTQ+ members and friends. We affirm and promote everyone’s full participation in the life of the congregation and community.  We commit to making our synagogue more welcoming and inclusive.

In order to put these values into practice, we have developed this policy for addressing potential discrimination, abuse, and harassment in our community, which includes all clergy, staff members, congregants, and guests. We take seriously the Biblical statement that all people are created “B-tzelem Elokim”, in the image of G-d, and therefore should be treated with dignity and respect. We also understand that humans sometimes fall short of this ideal in their treatment of one another. It is our obligation to promote a culture that is safe and welcoming, and thus holds our community to the highest standards for addressing harassment, abuse, and discrimination based on race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability.

This policy is meant to be an evolving document. As time passes, and we learn from both our individual experiences and our collective implementation, this policy may need to be reviewed and amended in accordance with CBS bylaws  Such change is a healthy process that will enable us to be responsive to altered circumstances and the practical needs of our community. 

Please find the latest Sacred Spaces Policy below. In the event the policy is updated, a new link shall be provided.