Who We Are

CBS organized in 1972 with just a few local families, establishing congregational roots for a Jewish population that was growing very steadily in western DuPage County. It wasn’t long before we became a focal point for religious and social activities for Jews in many of Chicago’s outlying suburbs. By the early 1980’s we had outgrown our temporary quarters. In April 1985, having purchased our own building, we transplanted ourselves, a happy proud procession taking turns carrying our sacred scrolls into our new sanctuary. Within 10 years it was clear that we had outgrown our building. We broke ground on Naperville’s first building dedicated as a synagogue in August of 1997, and carried our scrolls proudly to our new home 12 months later.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a vibrant Jewish community in Chicago’s western suburbs that welcomes individuals and families of all backgrounds for learning, worship, spiritual growth, and social connections.

The mission of the Congregation is to maintain the continuation of the Jewish People; to put into practice an egalitarian Jewish way of life; to promote respect for individual decision making through teaching the religion, ethics, language and literature of the Jewish People; to support life-long learning of religious, cultural, historical, and ethical aspects of Jewish life; to foster an appreciation of Judaism in the arts; to support Jewish communities worldwide; to foster a love of Israel and its people; and to harmonize modern thought with Jewish tradition

The purposes for which the Congregation is organized are to establish and maintain a Jewish congregation in accordance with the principles of egalitarian and democratic Judaism; to provide facilities and conduct religious services for residents of Naperville, Illinois, and surrounding areas; to establish, maintain, and conduct a school for religious and cultural instruction; to further religious and charitable work; to foster the Jewish religion and culture; and to do any and all other acts and things and to exercise any and all other rights and powers allowed by law which may be necessary, incidental, desirable or expedient in the accomplishment of any of the foregoing purposes.