Tutoring audio tracks

To help you practice for your bar or bat mitzvah, we've included all of the tracks from the tutorial audio CD on this website. That way, if you misplace your CD or are out of town, you can still practice.
Track 1 Download Haftarah Blessing-Before (Booklet)
Track 2 Download Torah Blessing-Before (Booklet)
Track 3 Download Torah Blessing-After (Booklet)
Track 4 Download Bar'chu (pg.247)
Track 5 Download Mi Chamocha (pg.291)
Track 6 Download Adonai Yimloch (pg.291)
Track 7 Download Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh (pg.303)
Track 8 Download Baruch K'vod (pg.303)
Track 9 Download Yimloch (pg.305)
Track 10 Download V'shamru (pg.465)
Track 11 Download Adom Olam-Echo (pg.459)
Track 12 Download Adom Olam-French Sephardic (pg.459)
Track 13 Download Adom Olam-Traditional (pg.459)
Track 14 Download Shokhein Ad...t'hilah (pg.241)
Track 15 Download Yishtabach...malkeinu (pg.243)
Track 16 Download Yotzer-read (pg.247)
Track 17 Download Yotzer-chanted (pg.247)
Track 18 Download Sh'ma (pg.277)
Track 19 Download V'ahavta (pg.277)
Track 20 Download Shachrit Amidah (pg.295-299)
Track 21 Download B'fi y'sharim...tithalal (pg.241)
Track 22 Download Brachot v'hoda-ot...ha-olamim (pg.243)
Track 23 Download Khatzi Kaddish (pg.245)
Track 24 Download Blessing After the Haftarah A (Booklet)
Track 25 Download Blessing After the Haftarah B (Booklet)
Track 26 Download Blessing After the Haftarah C (Booklet)
Track 27 Download Blessing After the Haftarah D (Booklet)
Track 28 Download Blessing After the Haftarah E (Booklet)
Track 29 Download Blessing After the Haftarah F (Booklet)
Track 30 Download T'hilot...V'Amru Khulam Read (pg.291)
Track 31 Download T'hilot...V'Amru Khulam Chanted (pg.291)
Track 32 Download Shira...v'am'ru Read (pg.291)
Track 33 Download Shira...v'am'ru Chanted (pg.291)
Track 34 Download Tzur Yisrael (pg.291)
Track 35 Download Az B'kol...yomeiru Read (pg.303)
Track 36 Download Az B'kol...yomeiru Chanted (pg.303)
Track 37 Download Mim-kom-cha...tzidkecha (pg.305)
Track 38 Download V'enenu (pg.305)
Track 39 Download L'dor va-dor (pg.305)
Track 40 Download Ein Kamocha (pg.383)
Track 41 Download Av harakhamim (pg.383)
Track 42 Download Va'y'hi binsoa (pg.385)
Track 43 Download Sh'ma, Ekhad (pg.393)
Track 44 Download Gadlu (pg.393)
Track 45 Download Y'hal'lu, Hodo (pg.433)
Track 46 Download Eitz Khayim Hi (pg.441)
Track 47 Download El Adon Traditional (pg.253)
Track 48 Download El Adon Sephardic (pg.253)
Track 49 Download V'haer Enenu (pg.275)
Track 50 Download V'ha-vi-ei-nu (pg.275)
Track 51 Download V'kerav-tanu (pg.275)
Track 52 Download Nekadesh-chanted Hebrew (pg.303)
Track 53 Download Full Kaddish-Kaddish Shalem (pg.381)
Track 54 Download Ein K'Eloheinu Traditional (pg.443)
Track 55 Download Ein K'Eloheinu Carlbach (pg.443)
Track 56 Download Alenu & Venemar (pg.445-499)
Track 57 Download Al Ken & Kiddush (pg.465)
Track 58 Download Kiddush for Friday Evening (Booklet)
Track 59 Download Mi Chamocha for Friday Evening (pg.77-78)
Track 60 Download Haftarah- Mercha Tipchah Munach Etnachtah (Booklet)
Track 61 Download Haftarah- Mercha Tipchah Sof Pasuk (Booklet)
Track 62 Download Haftarah-Mapa'ach Pashta Katon (Booklet)
Track 63 Download Haftarah-Pashta Mapa'ach Pashta Munach Katon (Booklet)
Track 64 Download Haftarah-Zakef Gadol (Booklet)
Track 65 Download Haftarah-Munach Munach R'vi'ee (Booklet)
Track 66 Download Haftarah-Dargah T'vir (Booklet)
Track 67 Download Haftarah-Mercha T'vir (Booklet)
Track 68 Download Haftarah-Kadmah v'azla (Booklet)
Track 69 Download Haftarah-Azla Geresh (Booklet)
Track 70 Download Haftarah-Gershayim (Booklet)
Track 71 Download Haftarah-K'tanah (Booklet)
Track 72 Download Haftarah-G'dolah (Booklet)
Track 73 Download Haftarah-Pazer (Booklet)
Track 74 Download Haftarah-Munach Zarkah Munach Segol (Booklet)
Track 75 Download Haftarah-Y'tiv Munach Katon (Booklet)
Track 76 Download Haftarah-Y'tiv Katon (Booklet)
Track 77 Download Haftarah-Mercha Tipchah Etnachtah (Booklet)
Track 78 Download Haftarah-Mercha Tipchah Sof Ha'haftarah (Booklet)
Track 79 Download Torah-Amen (Booklet)
Track 80 Download Torah-Mercha Tipchah Munach Etnachtah (Booklet)
Track 81 Download Torah-Mercha Tipchah Sof Pasuk (Booklet)
Track 82 Download Torah-Mapach Pashtah Katon (Booklet)
Track 83 Download Torah-Kadmah Mapach Pastah Munach Katon (Booklet)
Track 84 Download Torah-Zakef Gadol (Booklet)
Track 85 Download Torah-Munach Munach Rivi'ee (Booklet)
Track 86 Download Torah-Dargah T'vir (Booklet)
Track 87 Download Torah-Mercha T'vir (Booklet)
Track 88 Download Torah-Kadmah v'azla (Booklet)
Track 89 Download Torah-Geresh (Booklet)
Track 90 Download Torah-Kadmah Geresh (Booklet)
Track 91 Download Torah-Gershayim (Booklet)
Track 92 Download Torah-K'tanah (Booklet)
Track 93 Download Torah-G'dolah (Booklet)
Track 94 Download Torah-Pazer (Booklet)
Track 95 Download Torah-Munach Zarkah Munach Segol (Booklet)
Track 96 Download Torah-Y'tiv Munach Katon (Booklet)
Track 97 Download Torah-Y'tiv Katon (Booklet)
Track 98 Download Torah-Mercha Tipchah Etnachtah (Booklet)
Track 99 Download Torah-Mercha Tipchah Sof Hahelech (Booklet)
               Download Adom Olam-Great Temple (pg.459)
               This is not on the current CD (8/08)
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