Please join us this Shabbat for the following services.

Friday night, 5:30 pm.  Kabbalat Shabbat Zoom! with Rabbi Rudolph and Cantor Perman.  Last week’s inaugural Kabbalat Shabbat service was a great success.  Please join us this week at 5:30 pm.  We will be adding a number of prayers to the service, including a prayer for our country and the recitation of Kaddish for those in mourning, observing a Yahrzeit, or who otherwise wish to say Kaddish.  Cantor Perman will lead us in lighting and blessing the Shabbat candles, making Kiddush, and saying motzi.  Please have your Shabbat candles, wine or grape juice, and challah nearby so we can recite  the blessings together.

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Saturday morning, 10:00 am.  Join Rabbi Rudolph for a shortened (approximately one hour) Shabbat morning service, including the reading of selections from this week’s Torah and Haftarah portions and recitation of Kaddish.  If you have a copy of the siddur at home, please “bring it” with you.  You may also want to have a Chumash or Tanach (Bible) handy to follow along with the Torah and Haftarah reading.  Don’t have either?  No problem.  Our e-gabbai, Bernie Newman, will make PDFs of the siddur available and display the text of the prayers and readings online during the service. 

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