50th Weekend Planning Committee & Volunteers (and we’re sure we’re missing somebody),

Thank you all so much for all of your hard work making the 50th anniversary weekend a success. When we looked around at full sanctuary/social hall full of happy people (including our outdoor guests underneath an arch of twinkling glow lights and our younger guests enjoying their own glow party down the hall), we felt surrounded by so much love and confidence in the future of our community. We hope that you were able to experience that same magic, even though so many of you were working so hard throughout the night.

Making a weekend like this happen required a ton of hard work by everyone on this email (and your spouses and your kids and your friends) over the last few months – and certainly over the last 72 hours — but it was so worth it to come together and celebrate the strength of our congregation after 50 years of amazing memories.

We do not yet have final numbers, but rest assured the weekend was a huge financial success. We raised over $2,000 on our silent auction and close to $1,000 from the wine pull. We broke-even or came out ahead on all of the weekend events. And our Ad book and Weekend/Event sponsorships blew our budgeted numbers away and completely SOLD OUT!

None of this would have happened without immense effort from so many people. Thank you all for answering the call from your community (and we hope this experience was such that you’ll still answer the phone next time we call 😊)

-Elizabeth & Douglas