Our curriculum is designed around the research-proven concept that children learn best through play. Our classes offer hands on experiences in the classroom and encourage children to make choices, develop a positive self-concept, and promote learning through experimentation and problem-solving.

We offer:

  • Child-centered play-based learning which is shown to provide the best foundation for future development and learning.
  • Classes for 2, 3, and 4-year olds with Pre-K extended hours.
  • Low child-to-staff ratios and small class sizes allowing staff to spend special time with each child.
  • Jewish traditions and cultural learning.
  • A DCFS licensed facility meeting all health and safety requirements to make sure your child is safe at all times.
  • Daily cognitive, emotional, and physical development opportunities to nurture whole-child growth and development.

We view our children as active participants in their education.  Parents, teachers, and the synagogue work together to create a supportive community.

The CBS Preschool welcomes all children regardless of religious affiliation, and strives to promote acceptance and understanding of the benefits of diversity.